Marija Dautartaitė & Ona Marija Vyšniaus


MaMaDu is a solution that helps build future society. By providing parents with text messages that offer adequate knowledge and advices on how to respond to children’s needs we will help every child of Lithuania to reach full potential.


We know that the essence of who we are – our language skills, our personality traits, our ability to concentrate and learn are being built during the first 3 years of our lives. If early development is supported and encouraged in a right way, we can prevent many problems, such as obesity, mental health issues and others. We can also achieve many positive results that are needed for a successful and happy life. Therefore, we need to focus on interventions that support early childhood development. Using the metaphor of a house – sensitive brain building period is like a foundation of the house. How big the house will be is determined by how strong the foundation is.


MaMaDu will provide parents with knowledge and skills to respond to baby’s needs, by sending them daily text messages with their child-oriented advices on how to react to a child's needs. Various issues such as nutrition, physical development, emotional well-being of children and parents themselves will be included in the messages.
It is often said – it takes a village to raise a child. We will help parents to receive the knowledge of a village while raising their children. Parents are the first teachers of children. The question is - who teaches parents? There is shortage of services for parents with smallest children in Lithuania and MaMaDu will provide accessible and simple solution for a complex issue of parenthood.

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